Polynesia, a destination where it is a pleasure to lose oneself


One of the most exotic and paradisiacal destinations in the world is located in the South Pacific.

White sand, crystalline lagoons and mountains with waterfalls are some of the surprises that the islands that make up Polynesia hold inside.

These islands, located in the Pacific Ocean, in the easternmost part of Oceania, have many cultural traits in common, but there is one in particular that deserves special attention.

Bora Bora is the jewel of Polynesia and any mortal’s dream paradise to get lost in. This volcanic island is surrounded by a lagoon of infinite blue tones and an unimaginable underwater universe.

Where to stay?

A great lodging option is Four Seasons Bora Bora. A luxury resort with overwater bungalow suites and seaside villas. Both options offer exclusivity and the opportunity to enjoy the unparalleled views of the island. 

The accommodation with locally inspired architecture offers an open and relaxing atmosphere. It is also adapted to spend fun moments with your family or romantic moments with your partner. Here is a guide of activities to do during your stay.

Safari under the waves

The best way to start this adventure is to live with the sea species under the supervision of a marine biologist, who will introduce you to the more than 100 species that inhabit the lagoon.

The aquatic diving is a discovery tour through the lagoon, where you will be able to snorkel among rays and sharks.

To end the full day excursion, you will visit a local fisherman’s house for a traditional Polynesian lunch.

Natural recharge

The next day, is a good option visiting the Te Mahana spa, located at the top of the resort, where the forces of energy and relaxation are in harmony, with a lagoon and breathtaking views of the sea.

Here tourists can receive the benefits of natural therapies, extracted from native fruits, herbs and other elements.

Unlimited adventure

For the third and fourth day, hiking on Mount Otemanu is a spectacular alternative to live another dreamlike experience. It rises 700 meters above sea level and is the highest peak in Polynesia. There you will be able to appreciate the colors of the island, especially the green that stands out.

The last taste

Finally, on the last day, you will arrive by canoe to a private white sand motu, where you will be greeted with champagne and a personalized dinner as the sun sets over the water. You will also have the opportunity to organize a romantic meal, either in a private section of the beach or in your bungalow.


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