Mauritius, the island of infinite treasures in Africa

Johan Dianderas

One of the African charms that reigns for its culture, beaches, and nature is the perfect and different escape for this season

When a tourist crosses the world to reach Mauritius, part of the African continent within the Indian Ocean, the sun, the waters, and the Indian culture take over the journey. Arriving in this English-speaking territory will be the best satisfaction after a long flight.

This island was born between a dispute between France and England. The latter gave it the language and baptized it with the name of Mauritius. However, at the beginning of the 19th century, half a million Indians disembarked in Port Louis. Hired to work in this country, the Hindu culture began to expand even in its traditions and deities.

The reason? It is the perfect island to enjoy a luxury vacation in command of its treasures, such as its blue waterfalls and remarkable palm trees. So it’s time to know a five-day route to live a complete, sublime, and unique journey away from home.

Where to stay?

The best alternative is to stay at Ambre Mauritius, a four-star hotel located in the fantastic district of Flacq, in the east of Mauritius. The sight of tourists will be impressed with two movie pools, one of which is a crystal blue infinity pool overlooking the ocean.

Its rooms have a minimalist design combined with striking colors such as red and black. For a couples’ trip, an Amber Suite is capable of giving pleasure through an ocean view, a private balcony and a spacious living room.

An exquisite first day at sea in Mauritius

Nine minutes from the Ambre Mauritius hotel, in Camp Ithier, is located the Table d’hote Chez Mamie Sophie, a restaurant with a variety of Asian, African, and Chinese food. In addition, the homey atmosphere is transmitted from the palm trees and grass surrounding the tables. Here, the diner will feel the aroma of pleasure and freshness from the first minute.

Diving underwater and getting in touch with nature is one of the best things to do in Mauritius.

After this sublime journey, why not dive into the sea and get in touch with the fascinating fauna of this country? Dave Passion Mauritius is a diving club that offers tourists the to swim underwater and immerse themselves in the beautiful marine fauna of Mauritius.

A second day of film

Asian food is one of the most popular in Mauritius.

Eight minutes from the lodge, Hasu, the Asian food restaurant par excellence, is in charge of delighting the palate of the client on this day. Known as the best restaurant in the entire Belle Mare district, you can taste delicious grilled yakitori-style dishes with sushi.

After this gastronomic tour, it is time to get to know a relief worthy of the big screens and front pages worldwide: the Gorges of the Black River. It is a national park located one hour and 20 minutes from the hotel. The travel time is worth it when the impressive hills and colossal waterfalls impact the eyes of the tourist.

One of the most impressive places on this island is the Deep River Gorge.

This environment is perfect for unique picnics accompanied by a wonderful view full of nature. In addition, hikers will be able to leave their mark along a path surrounded by humid forests until they reach a river where they can bathe.

Feeling at home

Escale Creóle is a restaurant with a wide gastronomic variety in Mauritius.

For a third day, 50 minutes from Ambre Mauritius, tourists will experience a crispy and tasty menu at the helm of Escale Creóle, in the Moka district. Here, Creole food reigns supreme: try the Rougaille Creole sausages or delicious traditional chicken curry, a reflection of a unique seasoning in a place known for its paradisiacal atmosphere for dozens of people.

On the other hand, for a more personal adventure, the next day is perfect to go to the Refresh Restaurant Pizza Bar, 50 minutes from the hotel near the beach of Mont Choisy. Offering delicious snacks and refreshing drinks, this resto-bar will fascinate tourists on their way.

In addition, this is the place where people can enjoy an equestrian ride, that is, riding a horse while appreciating the crystal-clear waters north of Mauritius.

A closing of wonder

Shiva is the god of Hindu culture and his statue is located in the Ganga Talao lake, on the island of Mauritius

In Mauritius, the most professed faith is Hinduism. Therefore, its culture predominates in this African country. However, the supreme reflection of this deity is the statue of Shiva, located just over an hour from Ambre Mauritius on the course of Lake Ganga Talao.

This is the god of Hindu culture and its meaning is the combination of the power of destruction with that of protection. No tourist can miss the colossal figure of this mythical character on this island.


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