A zero-emissions hotel shines among the coves of Menorca

Gran Meliá’s Villa le Blanc hotel is a sustainable construction located by the sea.

The turquoise waters of its beaches, the charm of its architecture and its great cultural offer, make Menorca an idyllic destination. Preserving every part of its landscape is a responsibility that falls on everyone who wishes to visit this wonderful environment because its residents already have it quite clear.

Menorca is the least discovered Balearic island compared to its sisters, Ibiza and Mallorca, but in recent years, its beauty has not been able to hide from international tourism; consequently, major hotel brands have already landed on its lands. Thus, a few steps from the beach of Santo Tomás, Villa Le Blanc of Gran Meliá, last summer has presented one of its most efficient hotels, as it has managed to incorporate into the Menorcan nature with style and respect for the environment, I feel a zero-emissions hotel.

Ecological commitment

If we see the hotel from the top, we will find it by the sea and in the middle of a group of trees, which in turn surround the adjoining coves.

The establishment has 114 rooms and 45 suites, all of which are located on the seafront and have private swimming pools. The hotel’s sustainability is based on the energy efficiency and renewable energies that have been part of the construction of this establishment.

Its “net zero emissions” designation responds to the incorporation of measures such as biomass boilers, geothermal energy and heat recovery, photovoltaic energy, clean and gray water recovery, and digital technologies to measure and control the water footprint and reduce energy and water consumption. Its “eco-friendly” architecture is also reflected in its minimalist design, which refers to the island’s Menorcan style, with white backgrounds, traditional arches and refurbished roof tiles. In its corridors, recycling is the norm, as it is in its rooms. The brand, concentrates in the hotel a luxury stay, unique, but above all responsible.

Understanding that, after all, a hotel is also a business, the Gran Meliá Villa Le Blanc facilities offer a variety of activities and spaces for its guests. Being here, the local gastronomy occupies a privileged place, since it has three restaurants in charge of presenting the flavor of Menorca: the innovative “S’Amarador Villa Le Blanc”, the creation of chef Joan Canals “CRU” and the expert in Mediterranean and grilled cuisine “NIVI”. It is worth noting that all of these are sourced from local distributors. This is how the hotel also seeks to implement the circular economy, helping local merchants and working with them.

Now that tourism is booming, the hotel sector bears a vital responsibility when it comes to incorporating itself into the natural environment. While all tourists and investors are welcome in Menorca, doing so with respect for the environment is a rule that is not up for debate.

48 hours in London

A two-day adventure is enough to immerse yourself in England’s great capital city

Discovering London in 48 hours can be a difficult task, but not impossible. Being the capital of one of the Kingdoms with more historical weight in the world, there will always be time to enjoy all the countless activities to do in the big city, even if we lived there. Therefore, below we will share with you a tour to take advantage of this spectacular express trip.

Since we want to enjoy the city to the fullest, it is better to take foresight and make reservations some time in advance if we want to visit a particular monument. To begin with, the main thing is to stay in a centrally located hotel that allows us to move easily by any means of transport. A very good option is the Treehouse Hotel, located in Langham Place, very close to Oxford Street. This peculiar hotel is a building decorated with wood, motivated by sustainable actions.

Treehouse Hotel London

From afar, it is a cozy and warm space due to its construction with natural waste. Its rooms
and naturalistic English decoration, with a luxury of another level. In addition, the giant window of its rooms will ensure a perfect stay for all that London has in store for us.
has in store for us.

Depending on the type of reservation we choose, we can enjoy its cooing restaurant “Madera”, which is located on the 15th floor of the building, with an irresistible organic culinary offer, perfect for any time of the day. To access it, it is not necessary to be staying at the hotel, but it is necessary to make a reservation in advance.

Starting from this point, the first day, we can choose to go in the direction of Oxford Street and head to the Soho area, which is full of stores, as well as the most curious bars and cafes, which stand out for their originality. Thus, we arrived at the intersection of Piccadilly Circus, a space to dazzle us with the power of the big city, and while we’re here, we can not miss a jump in the famous Chinatown. For those visiting London for the first time, I’m sure it’s normal to feel like a little kid in a jungle, as the movement of people and the amount of open places can be intimidating. A very English coffee or tea can be a great option to assimilate and continue the tour.

The recommendation is to get to St James Park, from here, it is essential to make the journey through the great street The Mall, a place that the kings of England travel to reach Buckingham Palace. It is worth remembering that this is where hundreds of fans left roses and gifts when both Princess Diana of Wales and, recently, Queen Elizabeth II died.

For fans of royalty, a visit to this palace is sure to be an experience not to forget. From this point, we are just a few steps away from the historic monuments that represent the English capital, the Palace of Westminster, Big Ben and the London Eye, monuments that with their power and elegance dazzle everyone who sees them with very justified reasons.

BIg Ben London

Enjoy the sunset or the spectacle of lights in these attractions are other experiences that we can not miss.for the next day, the tour is easier, we will use the means of transport that is more comfortable for us to go to the Tower Bridge, better known as Tower Bridge. For many, this is where the London dream comes true and becomes a reality, because the majesty of the construction will make us kneel, even if the queen is not there.

In London, culture is one of its strong points, so museums and churches in the city will not be lacking. If in the end we have chosen Treehouse as our hotel, very close to here is also the Madame Tussauds London wax museum, where we can take a picture with the royalty or with Donald Donald Trump himself.
royalty or Donald Trump himself.

In the area there is also the museum and the statue of Sherlock Holmes or the Queen Mary Gardens. To close a night in style, Treehouse houses “The Nest” on top of its Madera restaurant, a rooftop bar worthy of a photo shoot with spectacular 360-degree views of the London skyline. At The Nest, the DJ’s tastefulness is a highlight and proves that the English do know how to have fun.

The Nest – Treehouse London

The variety in the menu also offers the option to dine or enjoy some great cocktails. Although we surely have not been left wanting to continue enjoying London, we already have the photos in the most emblematic places, and with everything we have seen we are surely already planning a return to this splendid city as royal and incredible as its own royalty.

Source: Traveling Magazine

Edgar Suites in Paris

These suites plan to be the best accommodation for Paris 2024

Edgar Suites reveals his strategies for next year’s Olympic Games to be held in the French capital

The Paris 2024 Olympic Games is undoubtedly the most anticipated event to come. The French sports and tourism sector is impatient, as the event is expected to attract hundreds of sports professionals and thousands of tourists from all over the world.

Grégoire Benoit Co-founder of Edgar Suites in France assured One IN Magazine that the recovery of tourism in Europe is an indisputable reality, in addition to leaving behind the restrictions due to the pandemic, in countries with a great history such as France we see a very positive return of international mobility.

Yohann Fontaine – Suite in Paris

While in the past, tourists came to Paris only to see the beautiful Eiffel Tower, “love is no longer the only reason to visit the city, but also the immensity of cultural activities, the upcoming reopening of the Notre Dame Cathedral and the celebration of the 2024 Summer Olympics,” he said.

“Looking ahead to the arrival of the 2024 Olympic Games, we want to be sure to be prepared for the reception of all players and fans,” Benoit said. “Our suites are ideal for this type of event, as they are highly rated in professional profiles and people traveling in groups and family,” he detailed.

For this year, the company has launched the construction of more suites in other strategic sites in the country, in cities such as Lille (north) or Cannes (south).

“We have many expectations, in the medium term, our goal is to be present in the 10 most important French cities,” he explained that so far, Edgar Suites has around 200 buildings throughout the country, especially in Paris, but we also have constructions in cities such as Bordeaux.

Edgar Suites was created from the desire of three entrepreneurs to revisit the scheme of the hotel residence and the private rental apartment and take the best of both. The project, which was born a little over 5 years ago, has become the new concept of luxury accommodation that seeks to give another type of experience to tourists from all over the world.

The floors and buildings that make up the brand, spaces that were uninhabited and have been refurbished into high standard suites, with all the amenities for travelers looking for more than just a conventional stay.

Yohann Fontaine – Suite in Paris 


As its founder explains, the idea of “urban recycling” arises from the great demand for work in our country, especially in Paris, where there were many homes or offices, but little by little – as a result of the new hybrid employment modalities – these have been vacated or abandoned. This has increased even more with the arrival of the pandemic and the subsequent rise of teleworking.

All accommodations are centrally located, strategic and surrounded by all amenities such as restaurants and stores. Its founders have called these works as “urban recycling”, since in addition to giving a second life to the buildings, they have implemented it with recycled items.

Likewise, Edgar Suites develops its sustainable bet in other branches of development in order to promote eco-conception. From the design to the operation of their hotel residences.

When rehabilitating offices or hotels at the end of their cycle, they ensure the improvement of the environmental performance of the spaces through eco-design (BREAM certification). They use environmentally friendly materials and resources, and we collaborate with platforms that provide us with second-hand goods.

They leave aside the use of plastics, each suite has a “kit” gift for travelers to use recyclable bags. Likewise, the rooms have accessories that can be washed and reused, while the amenities are sourced from ecological and local brands.