A zero-emissions hotel shines among the coves of Menorca

Gran Meliá’s Villa le Blanc hotel is a sustainable construction located by the sea.

The turquoise waters of its beaches, the charm of its architecture and its great cultural offer, make Menorca an idyllic destination. Preserving every part of its landscape is a responsibility that falls on everyone who wishes to visit this wonderful environment because its residents already have it quite clear.

Menorca is the least discovered Balearic island compared to its sisters, Ibiza and Mallorca, but in recent years, its beauty has not been able to hide from international tourism; consequently, major hotel brands have already landed on its lands. Thus, a few steps from the beach of Santo Tomás, Villa Le Blanc of Gran Meliá, last summer has presented one of its most efficient hotels, as it has managed to incorporate into the Menorcan nature with style and respect for the environment, I feel a zero-emissions hotel.

Ecological commitment

If we see the hotel from the top, we will find it by the sea and in the middle of a group of trees, which in turn surround the adjoining coves.

The establishment has 114 rooms and 45 suites, all of which are located on the seafront and have private swimming pools. The hotel’s sustainability is based on the energy efficiency and renewable energies that have been part of the construction of this establishment.

Its “net zero emissions” designation responds to the incorporation of measures such as biomass boilers, geothermal energy and heat recovery, photovoltaic energy, clean and gray water recovery, and digital technologies to measure and control the water footprint and reduce energy and water consumption. Its “eco-friendly” architecture is also reflected in its minimalist design, which refers to the island’s Menorcan style, with white backgrounds, traditional arches and refurbished roof tiles. In its corridors, recycling is the norm, as it is in its rooms. The brand, concentrates in the hotel a luxury stay, unique, but above all responsible.

Understanding that, after all, a hotel is also a business, the Gran Meliá Villa Le Blanc facilities offer a variety of activities and spaces for its guests. Being here, the local gastronomy occupies a privileged place, since it has three restaurants in charge of presenting the flavor of Menorca: the innovative “S’Amarador Villa Le Blanc”, the creation of chef Joan Canals “CRU” and the expert in Mediterranean and grilled cuisine “NIVI”. It is worth noting that all of these are sourced from local distributors. This is how the hotel also seeks to implement the circular economy, helping local merchants and working with them.

Now that tourism is booming, the hotel sector bears a vital responsibility when it comes to incorporating itself into the natural environment. While all tourists and investors are welcome in Menorca, doing so with respect for the environment is a rule that is not up for debate.

The Arabic restaurant whom fire on Madrid

The Nômadâ restaurant shows its more adventurous and exotic side with its renewed culinary and scenic proposal that macerates to the rhythm of Afro-dance

Adventure, exoticism and a set of surreal culinary experiences are some of the sensations offered by the renewed proposal of the Nômadâ restaurant in Madrid.

Under the direction of Arnaud Keres, the restaurant, which had already positioned itself as one of the trendiest places in Madrid, has reinvented itself even more to launch a 360º staging with which it seeks to dazzle the youngest public in the capital.

From now on, Nômadâ not only offers the best of Arabic cuisine, but also provides a musical and dance show in the hands of passionate artists, who leave everything on the dance floor to turn a dinner or meal into a moment of ecstasy and good music.

It is a gastrocultural journey, which begins at sunset and extends into the night, infinite in Îstar, the club located on the first floor of the sister establishment in the same street Serrano 41, which worships Afro-house music.

The décor of the establishment is the first step to the Arabian adventure we are about to witness. Whether it is your first time or you already know a little about Arabian food, the suggestion is to let yourself be recommended by the experts, since the service is very personalized and the hosts will know how to make suggestions.

The options to share are a great idea to start a great journey through these lands, hummus, rice and vegetables prepared and fully adapted to the Mediterranean palate.

To share Nômadâ proposes options such as mutabal or Adam and Eve, vine leaves stuffed with rice with vegetables and a touch of pomegranate molasses with tzatziki. The journey through the Mediterranean has an obligatory stop at hummus, used as food for more than 7,000 years, with its four varieties: traditional, zaatar, pesto and har.

The cuisine is, in short, an exquisite cultural mix is reflected in the culinary, so it is difficult to opt for the Arab essence. Starting with this tasting of flavors, the exquisiteness of the dishes augurs a great day, if we have gone for lunch, or a long night if we have chosen a dinner.

Although the restaurant is an excellent option for a lunch or an evening meal, the dinner has a special touch, because the sound show that accompanies the weekend nights is a unique experience. In the middle of dinner, Nômadâ has real artists who are responsible for starring in a show of African drums, saber dances and a musical background of Afro-house. In short, a tribute to the cultural richness that surrounds us.

The staging continues with the traveling spirit in the cocktail bar with 20 proposals on the menu that have been carefully thought out by the house bartender. For this new display of flavors, different ingredients have been used to find the perfect balance and make each one unique. Some of these options include cocktails such as Sherezade, Norah, Palmira or Maffeo.

Since we are at the peak of the night and with the energy at its peak, at Nômadâ we can also enjoy a shisha, before entering the infinite night at Îstar.

The place is named after the Babylonian goddess of love, life and fertility and maintains that aura of mystery and spirituality that surrounds temples. It is located next to the restaurant (on the first floor) and is a hidden and exclusive temple of Afro-house. For lovers of intensity, Îstar is the ideal place to end an enigmatic dinner on a high note.

5 mountains to get into the South American wilderness

The wonders of America make sense when discovering its countries from the top of its geography

The comfort zone is over the day you decide to equip your backpack, boots, and everything you need for a magnificent climb in the mountains. Between adventures and good doses of adrenaline, the South American continent offers a flurry of destinations to climb a country from the top of its geography that shines through its beautiful reliefs. Discover with ONE IN MAGAZINE 5 subliminal destinations to live this unique journey to the fullest.

Rucu Pichincha – Ecuador

In Quito, the Ecuadorian capital located in the north of the country, we find this mountain of 4,696 meters above sea level where you can enjoy various activities. Between hiking, mountaineering, or an exciting walk, you can find a lot of adventure. Also, the recommendation is to use the popular cable car for a trip full of natural charm with the fauna and flora of Ecuador.

Torres del Paine – Chile

In the region of Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica, in the south of the country, is the Torres del Paine National Park. One of the flagship activities of this mountain is trekking, a fascinating journey surrounded by multiple plant species such as scrubland. Likewise, isn’t a walk next to the singing of condors and flamingos even more special? That is what you can experience on this trip.

Likewise, tourists can enjoy an excellent view when they reach Nido de Condor hill, a movie-like landscape that no hiker will forget.

Cerro Kennedy – Colombia

In the northeast of the coffee-growing country, in the Magdalena region, is Cerro Kennedy. Here, hikers will experience an interesting hike where they will encounter the spectacular viewpoint of La Tagua. Therefore, after a long journey, which will be very worthwhile, the sunrise will be perfect next to the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, an amazing mountain range whose white shows its total purity.

Colors Mountain – Peru

In the southeast of the Peruvian territory, in the wonderful city of Cusco, is located this magical enclave, which will transmit to the tourists an unparalleled experience with its landscape. The Mountain of Colors is a mountainous formation dyed in various colors such as red, purple, green, and yellow, so it is also known as the ‘rainbow mountain’.

To make this tour more fantastic, there is also the option to hire a horse in the community of Pampachiri which can cost around 30 dollars.

Cerro Champaqui – Argentina

In the center of the country, in the province of Córdoba, lies one of the colossal Argentinean mountains. It is a demanding route where there are essential rocks that will make the way more difficult than usual. However, all the sweat is worth it when you reach the fabulous Cerro Los Linderos and marvel at the panorama.

Luxury is the new concept of clubbing in the “old continent”.

When we are looking for fun times, partying is always an option, but doing it in the most premium way is a privilege that can only be realized in some strategic places. However, not all parties are the same, most of them are oriented in attracting a large mass of public, but there are specific places that offer the most expensive options, with ostentatious interiors and the highest level of entertainment. Here, in ONE IN MAGAZINE, we will discover the five best parties in European territory.

Le Baron, Paris

The famed Paris nightclub can only host 150 people and is distinguished by its small but exclusive spaces. It is also the party venue of Sophia Coppola, Mary-Kate Olsen and Lindsay Lohan. This trend is in homage to the old Le Baron. Which was a high-class brothel. In that vein, the interiors are extravagant, red, velvet and dark wood.

Bar and lounges at Le Baron.

Adagio, Berlin

This German city is popular worldwide for its bohemian life and is home to one of the most luxurious nightclubs in the world. The ceilings are painted with artwork in the style of a cathedral, which contrasts with the futuristic and modern furniture on the floor. Stars such as George Clooney, Rihanna and Michael Jackson, to name a few, have sat in these rooms.

Main hall of the Adagio.

Armani Privé, Milan

This is the most important meeting place in “the fashion capital” and is named after a renowned fashion designer. It has an attractive theme of black and gray tones. In that sense, you will be surrounded by a minimalist atmosphere and measures designed for comfort.

Armani Prive is distinguished by its facilities.

Chlösterli, Gstaad

The Chlosterli Club is the most popular during the winter, especially in December and January, is located high in the Swiss Alps and is more visited by tourists than by locals. It has a large dance floor, world-renowned DJs and floors covered with LED lights. At dawn, this nightclub transforms into a fine dining restaurant.

Chlösterli is renowned for its striking dance floor.

Bonbonniere, London

Established in 2015, is one of London’s newest clubs, located in the heart of Mayfair, Bonbonniere, the venue is set with spellbinding blue lights and models of Fabergé Eggs scattered throughout. Celebrities such as Jamie Foxx, Paris Hilton, Will.I.Am are regulars at the club where everything is synonymous with luxury and extravagance. For which, VIP guests receive a “mini Bonbonniere” along with a plaque.

In Bonbonniere everything revolves around Faberge Eggs.

In this short list we review the best places to be the protagonists of a movie party. We cover a large part of the region. From France, and its exoticism, to Switzerland, in the Schengen Area. We continue with Germany and Italy, and its originality. We finish in the United Kingdom, former member of the European Union, known for its spectacular celebrations.

These are the 5 most expensive ports in the world

The best season to visit the most exclusive ports in the world is approaching, find out how much it costs to dock in them.

To embrace pleasures is always to immerse oneself in the most superb and luxurious experiences that can exist. That is why docking in a port is the perfect alternative to enjoy beaches, boats, and a spectacular universe of celebrities during this summer vacation. How fabulous could it be to set sail on a yacht here? This article presents five ports where you can spend unforgettable days surrounded by so much magic and freshness.

Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi

This place is known because Gran Prix is celebrated and gathers miles of people

Located in the southeastern part of the United Arab Emirates, here adrenaline and luxury coexist. Surrounded by the Formula 1 race track, the world’s most famous motor racing competition, the Yas Marina also offers restaurants, bars, spa salons, and shopping centers. The daily yacht mooring fee is $400 (U.S. dollars).
In terms of capacity, the marina has more than 400 berths for luxury yachts and superyachts. Celebrities such as rapper French Montana enjoy their vacations here, making it a good choice for a perfect getaway.

Miami Beach, Miami, Florida

In Miami there is a huge number of Latin American people, so one of the main languages is the Hispanic one

Florida, in the southeastern United States, is one of the most coveted places for its magic and good vibes: Miami. This is how this port enchants with its brilliant beaches, water activities, and nightlife. Mooring a yacht here costs $900 per day, while average local property prices are $9,500 per square meter.

Miami’s beach is one of the colossal attractions where figures such as Gloria Estefan, Julio Iglesias, and Shakira spend their relaxing time under a radiant sun.

Capri Port, Italy

Capri is one of the most exclusive places to visit in the world. Its colorful houses make it so beautiful.

In the south of Italy lies Capri, an exclusive and refreshing island reached through Naples. Surrounded by impressive cliffs and colorful houses, Marina Grande, the island’s main marina, together with the second adjoining port, Marina Piccola, makes it one of the most luxurious ports in the world. The cost in this area is around $2900 per day for mooring.

It is divided into the commercial dock, for service offices, and the tourist dock, for luxury yachts and restaurants. It has a capacity for 300 yacht moorings and celebrities such as Jackie Onassis, Sophia Loren or Clark Gabl have arrived in these waters.

Port de Cannes, Côte d’Azur, France

Celebrities like Roman Abramovich have arrived to this port to spend his vacations.

This special place in the southeastern end of the Gallic country is located at night with a spectacular play of lights. The Festival de Cannes is one of the major charms for which people choose to visit this city, as well as the historic Croisette beach.

This area is divided into two marinas: the Vieux Port, a place for the older boats, and Port Canto, for the more modern ones. It costs $700 a day to moor here and has a capacity for more than 700 boats. Celebrities such as billionaire Roman Abramovich and the former ruler of Saudi Arabia, Mohammad bin Fahd al Saud, enjoy their superyachts in Cannes.

Port Hercule, Monaco

In Monaco, people have luxury places to visit such as the Montecarlo Casino

The Principality of Monaco, on the Mediterranean coast of France, has the highest number of millionaires per capita in the world. It is obvious that a port in this place must be at their level, so Port Hercules offers high-status places such as the Monte Carlo Casino. The mooring fee is 1200 dollars and has a capacity for 700 boats.

The cruise ship with which you will sail around the world MSC

 MSC World Cruise 2025 will be the ship that will take hundreds of adventurers on a 116-day voyage to travel the five continents in luxury

MSC Cruises, the private transport and logistics conglomerate based in Geneva (Switzerland) will be the captain of a dream voyage on one of its cruise ships for anyone who wants to pass through tropical, Caribbean, and southern lands in 21 countries. This adventure will be called MSC World Cruise 2025, a ship featuring 5 gourmet restaurants, sports activities, a theater, a pool, and a spa for everyone’s pleasure.

MSC Cruises prepares a big adventure all over the world

What is it all about?

With 300 years in the navigation world, the company offers innovative and colossal proposals for the crew’s experience. At the helm of MSC Magnifica‘s itinerary, its crew members will visit 50 fantastic destinations passing through 21 different countries and seven overnight stays.

The dream will begin in four European ports: Civitavecchia, Genoa (both Italy), Marseille (France), and Barcelona (Spain) on January 4, 5, 6, and 7, 2025, respectively. What better than to start the route from these world-famous ports? This first meeting will bring together hundreds of people, who will get to know each other before making the first stop, in Casablanca, Morocco.


Morocco is the first point of the trip

The adventure kicks off in Casablanca, a city located in Morocco, North Africa. With its fascinating beaches and numerous historical monuments such as the Hassan Mosque, this place will be one of the first stops of the cruise. Moroccan cuisine will delight you with its French and Spanish influences.


Christ the Redeemer, in Rio de Janeiro, is one of the most fantastic sculptures in the world

One of the inevitable places to visit is Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil. Located on the western side of Guanabara Bay, the party is guaranteed with carnivals, samba, and Brazilian culture. During the day, visiting Christ the Redeemer is an activity that no one can stop doing while enjoying the freshness of the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema is another alternative.


Mitford Sound is a lovely place where you can find a lot of nature and peace

Also to the southwest of New Zealand’s South Island, already on the oceanic continent, is Mitford Sound. Here, the cruise offers eight days to immerse yourself in seven of the island’s iconic cities. Here the experience reaches its climax as you sail into a fjord, a valley sunk by the weight of glaciers. Through this, you will glimpse the crystal-clear waters, the varied fauna, and the imposing cliff.


Benoa is such a fantastic place to discover in Asia

Benoa, located in the south of the island of Bali (Indonesia), houses a port with an incomparable charm at the foot of the sea. Its colossal beaches and exciting aquatic activities encourage sailing in Banana Boat, in addition, the land encourages submerging under the sea to appreciate all the marine fauna or to practice parasailing. Visitors can also stroll through the Balinese fishing village of Tanjung Benoa.


People could enjoy visiting Genova waters at the end of the road

After a long journey around the world, the cruise ends with a return to Europe. MSC will visit four emblematic Italian cities, which will put the finishing touch to a voyage full of great moments in the amazing Genoa.


Chihuahua: “The jewel of Mexico”.

Fantastic experiences for an unprecedented trip

At some point in our lives, perhaps some of us have wondered what is the largest state in Mexico? Many probably didn’t know it, but it is Chihuahua.

To get an idea, its territory is comparable to half of Spain. The striking thing about Chihuahua is that it is not only huge in terms of geography, but it is also rich in history, culture and, especially, nature. There are many people who are encouraged to live a journey in a relaxed environment, observing a panorama of peace and immensity. From ONE IN MAGAZINE we will tell you how to do it.

Sunset and nature of the State of Chihuahua.

The way to get to this multifaceted city, from Europe, is by a transatlantic flight. You land at the General Roberto Fierro Villalobos International Airport.

The best time to travel to Chihuahua is during the months of March and April, in the spring and autumn seasons. Also, these are the times when the temperature is milder, without extreme cold or oppressive heat. Likewise, the official hurricane and instability season is from June to November, just when the good weather begins in Europe.

A strategic location

The state is located northwest of Mexico City (CDMX) and borders the United States. It has 3.7 million inhabitants and receives 8 million tourists annually. It generates close to 100,000 jobs, according to the Fideicomiso de Promoción Turística: Ah, Chihuahua! It also treasures 11 protected natural areas and the impressive Copper Canyon that can be traveled on the luxurious Chepe Express train.

Panoramic view of the Chepe Express.

The Copper Canyon

Among other attractions, we find the Copper Canyon that has an extension four times greater than the Grand Canyon of Colorado in Arizona and is home to the ancestral indigenous community of the Tarahumara where it is possible to immerse yourself in their culture and learn, first hand, their stories, their gastronomy and the art of the Tarahumara people.

Copper Canyon.

A unique experience

The experience in Chihuahua, reaches one of its high points when you start an exclusive trip on the Chepe Express train that crosses a route of more than 350 kilometers. You will be able to enjoy all the comforts on board, as well as breathtaking views throughout the trip. It will also be a great time to taste the gastronomy of the region in two restaurants, Urike and Kori, and a bar on board. The train offers three classes: First, Executive and Economy.

Interior view of the cabin of the Chepe Express train.

Destinations to discover


It is the capital of the state of the same name, the largest in Mexico. With a great industrial development, modern with commercial and residential areas.

Cathedral in Hidalgo del Parral, Chihuahua, Mexico.


At this point are located Las Barrancas del Cobre which are bordered by a series of viewpoints and suspension bridges. It is considered a must visit for the beauty of its landscapes. The Adventure Park is, for adrenaline fans, a unique opportunity to ride the cable car, the third most important in the world. Likewise, here we find the ZipRider zip line, a unique experience, since it is the longest in the world.

Las Barrancas del Cobre, Adventure Park, Cable Car.


It is the gateway to the Sierra Tarahumara and, therefore, is home to the largest population of Tarahumara, recognized for being excellent runners as well as great artisans. It was considered the most beautiful town in Mexico, by the WTO (World Tourism Organization) awarding it the prize “Best Tourism Villages 2022”.

Valley of the Monks, Creel, Chihuahua.
Batopilas Magic Town, Creel, Chihuahua.


The town was founded in 1680 in a beautiful valley by Juan María de Salvatierra, a Jesuit missionary. Its climate is privileged since all the year it is temperate and humid, conserving a beautiful green carpet in its surroundings.

The journey allows you to know Chihuahua in a different way, it is a dream road where centuries of ancestral culture, some of the best dishes of the region, diverse landscapes with amazing and charming corners, each one different from the other. So, all that remains is the most important question: Shall we meet you there?

Viewpoint of the Barranca de Urique, Chihuahua.