5 mountains to get into the South American wilderness

The wonders of America make sense when discovering its countries from the top of its geography

The comfort zone is over the day you decide to equip your backpack, boots, and everything you need for a magnificent climb in the mountains. Between adventures and good doses of adrenaline, the South American continent offers a flurry of destinations to climb a country from the top of its geography that shines through its beautiful reliefs. Discover with ONE IN MAGAZINE 5 subliminal destinations to live this unique journey to the fullest.

Rucu Pichincha – Ecuador

In Quito, the Ecuadorian capital located in the north of the country, we find this mountain of 4,696 meters above sea level where you can enjoy various activities. Between hiking, mountaineering, or an exciting walk, you can find a lot of adventure. Also, the recommendation is to use the popular cable car for a trip full of natural charm with the fauna and flora of Ecuador.

Torres del Paine – Chile

In the region of Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica, in the south of the country, is the Torres del Paine National Park. One of the flagship activities of this mountain is trekking, a fascinating journey surrounded by multiple plant species such as scrubland. Likewise, isn’t a walk next to the singing of condors and flamingos even more special? That is what you can experience on this trip.

Likewise, tourists can enjoy an excellent view when they reach Nido de Condor hill, a movie-like landscape that no hiker will forget.

Cerro Kennedy – Colombia

In the northeast of the coffee-growing country, in the Magdalena region, is Cerro Kennedy. Here, hikers will experience an interesting hike where they will encounter the spectacular viewpoint of La Tagua. Therefore, after a long journey, which will be very worthwhile, the sunrise will be perfect next to the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, an amazing mountain range whose white shows its total purity.

Colors Mountain – Peru

In the southeast of the Peruvian territory, in the wonderful city of Cusco, is located this magical enclave, which will transmit to the tourists an unparalleled experience with its landscape. The Mountain of Colors is a mountainous formation dyed in various colors such as red, purple, green, and yellow, so it is also known as the ‘rainbow mountain’.

To make this tour more fantastic, there is also the option to hire a horse in the community of Pampachiri which can cost around 30 dollars.

Cerro Champaqui – Argentina

In the center of the country, in the province of Córdoba, lies one of the colossal Argentinean mountains. It is a demanding route where there are essential rocks that will make the way more difficult than usual. However, all the sweat is worth it when you reach the fabulous Cerro Los Linderos and marvel at the panorama.

The cruise ship with which you will sail around the world MSC

 MSC World Cruise 2025 will be the ship that will take hundreds of adventurers on a 116-day voyage to travel the five continents in luxury

MSC Cruises, the private transport and logistics conglomerate based in Geneva (Switzerland) will be the captain of a dream voyage on one of its cruise ships for anyone who wants to pass through tropical, Caribbean, and southern lands in 21 countries. This adventure will be called MSC World Cruise 2025, a ship featuring 5 gourmet restaurants, sports activities, a theater, a pool, and a spa for everyone’s pleasure.

MSC Cruises prepares a big adventure all over the world

What is it all about?

With 300 years in the navigation world, the company offers innovative and colossal proposals for the crew’s experience. At the helm of MSC Magnifica‘s itinerary, its crew members will visit 50 fantastic destinations passing through 21 different countries and seven overnight stays.

The dream will begin in four European ports: Civitavecchia, Genoa (both Italy), Marseille (France), and Barcelona (Spain) on January 4, 5, 6, and 7, 2025, respectively. What better than to start the route from these world-famous ports? This first meeting will bring together hundreds of people, who will get to know each other before making the first stop, in Casablanca, Morocco.


Morocco is the first point of the trip

The adventure kicks off in Casablanca, a city located in Morocco, North Africa. With its fascinating beaches and numerous historical monuments such as the Hassan Mosque, this place will be one of the first stops of the cruise. Moroccan cuisine will delight you with its French and Spanish influences.


Christ the Redeemer, in Rio de Janeiro, is one of the most fantastic sculptures in the world

One of the inevitable places to visit is Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil. Located on the western side of Guanabara Bay, the party is guaranteed with carnivals, samba, and Brazilian culture. During the day, visiting Christ the Redeemer is an activity that no one can stop doing while enjoying the freshness of the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema is another alternative.


Mitford Sound is a lovely place where you can find a lot of nature and peace

Also to the southwest of New Zealand’s South Island, already on the oceanic continent, is Mitford Sound. Here, the cruise offers eight days to immerse yourself in seven of the island’s iconic cities. Here the experience reaches its climax as you sail into a fjord, a valley sunk by the weight of glaciers. Through this, you will glimpse the crystal-clear waters, the varied fauna, and the imposing cliff.


Benoa is such a fantastic place to discover in Asia

Benoa, located in the south of the island of Bali (Indonesia), houses a port with an incomparable charm at the foot of the sea. Its colossal beaches and exciting aquatic activities encourage sailing in Banana Boat, in addition, the land encourages submerging under the sea to appreciate all the marine fauna or to practice parasailing. Visitors can also stroll through the Balinese fishing village of Tanjung Benoa.


People could enjoy visiting Genova waters at the end of the road

After a long journey around the world, the cruise ends with a return to Europe. MSC will visit four emblematic Italian cities, which will put the finishing touch to a voyage full of great moments in the amazing Genoa.


5 Latin American cuisines that are triumphing in Madrid

Crossing borders does not mean leaving your roots behind, and certainly not in your food. Latin American charm always speaks from its dishes. So in this article we will reveal which Latin American restaurants are the most recognised by Tripadvisor, the world’s leading tourism platform, which serves as a reference on our travels, since eating is a sublime duty on every trip.

Pituca Madrid

Peruvian anticuchos with corn and golden potato wedges
La Pituca Madrid is located in the traditional neighbourhood of Arguelles

In the heart of the Spanish capital, in the traditional neighbourhood of Arguelles, you will find the most acclaimed cuisine by tourists, especially those who cannot live without Peruvian cuisine. From the entrance, you can see an elegant, intimate and colourful atmosphere. Tasting delicious tagliatelle a la huancaína with grilled octopus in anticuchera sauce or a superb lomo saltado will immediately transport you to Peru.

Kausa Madrid

Dishes named “a lo pobre” at the Kausa Madrid
The atmosphere of the Kausa Madrid is cosy and formal Peruvian style.

Peru never ceases to appear in any part of the world and this cuisine amazes all its diners. Located in the Barrio de las Letras, this restaurant was born from the dream of two brothers born in Callao, Peru, who have been living in Madrid for years. Like the name, the Causa stands out in all its versions (Limeña, Prawns, Pickled). Here you can also find a variety of typical dishes such as Ají de Gallina or Arroz con Pato (rice with duck).

Cherry Pecas

Burritos are Mexican foods that leave their charm in their great variety.
In Mexico, the skull represents the happiness of the afterlife. This is evident in Cherry Pecas.

In another part of Madrid, Paseo de San Francisco leads the way to Cherry Pecas, a restaurant where Mexican burritos take over the table. Their food has been certified by Tripadvisor three years in a row. Guacamole, quesadillas, tacos, nachos and more. The menu is extensive, but it is born from the gourmet-street concept that prevails in Mexico all the time.

Casa Jaguar Madrid 

There is a wide variety of Latin American food at Casa Jaguar Madrid.
Casa Jaguar Madrid offers comfortable sofas that look splendid for the arrival of diners.

With 3 locations, this gastrobar with a Latin American soul is spreading more and more throughout the Spanish capital. It is a smaller place, but with a colossal menu. Peruvian, Venezuelan, Mexican, Brazilian and more. Their list is endless, but their cocktails steal the show, such as the Oaxacan Jaguar or the Jaguar Passion. The dish and the glass never disappoint in this house.


Quimbaya offers an elegant decoration using neutral colours that give it a special style.

There was a day in December when Colombia dawned and the news reported that a restaurant had been awarded a Michelin star, a tourist guide recognised all over the planet. That was Quimbaya, where the pleasure of changua, carimañolas and more Colombian recipes captivate customers. Located near the Calle de la Castellana, it is one of the best alternatives for the palate.

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How to enjoy a luxury cruise in Cartagena?

Discover how to immerse yourself in the colour and festivities of one of Colombia’s most captivating cities

When you walk through this Colombian city, the colours catch everyone’s eye. Yellow, orange, green. In the north of Colombia, Cartagena, also known as the Caribbean Coast, is a charming city to enjoy a great weekend holiday in Latin America. Now that tourism has recovered, the city is more alive than ever and ready to show the best of its seas and its gastronomy.

¿Where to stay?

El Hotel Hyatt Regency ofrece las mejores vistas de Cartagena

Since we are only staying for a short time, we are sure to be looking for a splendid view, fun activities and complete attention. For this, the Hyatt Regency Cartagena will be a sure hit. It is located in Bocanegra, a luxury area bordered by crystal-clear beaches and colossal residential areas. This franchise is expanding all over the world, its fame is evident to millions of inhabitants.

The infinity pool is one of the hotel’s biggest attractions for its guests.

It features spectacular suites that project the purity of the sea onto their windows, ensuring movie-like mornings and sunsets for guests. Also, get your swimming costume ready to enjoy the infinity pool experience that Hyatt creates fantastic summer experiences. On the other hand, the Aqoral Spa, the lounge where pleasure and peace is assured, is another of the hotel’s greatest attractions.

El Mirador Gastrobar

The dream of every tourist is to eat sublime food and enjoy a good party, so we introduce you to one of the most famous restaurants. Just 9 minutes away from the Hyatt Hotel and located in the Historic Centre of Cartagena, you can’t miss the Mirador Gastrobar. First of all, a good view builds good times and this place has a rooftop that is accompanied by the Torre del Reloj, a 16th century monument. In the open air and with music by DJs, here you can taste dishes such as Moqueca de Mariscos or a delicious Pescado al Ajillo.

The vegetation and the sea are characteristic elements of the Pastelillo Fort experience.

Asimismo, la Garita es un lugar de brunch dentro de este espacio para gozar de un ambiente más íntimo y mágico.

In Latin lands you have to know how to live the adventure always accompanied by a Carajillo, a drink that is somewhere between coffee and alcohol. Finally, the Claustrum discotheque on the third floor is the end point of a night that will ensure ecstasy and Colombian rumba in all its splendour.

Fuerte de Pastelillo

The vegetation and the sea are characteristic elements of the Pastelillo Fort experience.

Who doesn’t want a unique moment surrounded by nature? Just 10 minutes from the Hyatt Regency Hotel, you will love this alternative. The name derives from the military fortress San Sebastián de Pastelillo, which is located just metres from the restaurant. You can come and embrace a dreamy sunset overlooking the bay of Cartagena and surrounded by lush vegetation. A romantic theme can also be booked for special moments for couples.

A delicious Carpaccio with Lomo fino can be found in the restaurant Fuerte de Pastelillo.

Before finishing this brief and intense tour, we can’t leave the city without trying the Medallones de Langosta (lobster medallions) or a Festival de Mariscos (seafood festival). As for desserts, an exquisite option is the Chocolate Volcano a la Cartagenera, a creamy chocolate coulant accompanied by cocoa and almonds, dulce de leche sauce and vanilla ice cream.

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“We do Spanish, but with a touch of everywhere.”

Chef Manuel Melcón adapts his travels to his cuisine to offer them in his “Vesta Taberna” venue.

When Manuel Melcón returned to Spain after having triumphed in the best kitchens in Europe, he decided to start his own restaurant in the rhythm of order, ecology and smiles. Therefore, northwest of Madrid, in San Lorenzo de Escorial, Manuel wakes up every day with his loyal team to delight diners with his innovative and wild cuisine in Vesta Taberna.

Signature dish – Vesta Taberna

What is the experience like inside Vesta Taberna?

Our goal is to make people happy. That’s the basis. We are all a staff of very lively people, who really like what we do. It’s a very small place, so we have to take care of every detail, like the noise. I have never been good at defining my concept because we like to talk with our cuisine.

Following your menu, is it a way to make people happy to use wild products?

Yes, we are always going to have something from the wild at Vesta Taberna. In winter it is complicated. But it is something that the diner, when he arrives and sees that the products we use are harvested by us and we have given them that love, he notices it. You can tell that they appreciate something so real, so close, the fact that the person who serves you at the table was four hours ago picking the product on the floor.

How have you designed your menu?

In spring and autumn, we focus on mushrooms and fungi from our area. Boletus with fried eggs, which come from my own chickens, are always a hit. Another dish that is always requested in the spring season is the white asparagus, which we make with hollandaise sauce fused with a white thyme from the mountains. This translates very well the philosophy that we have of human closeness and ecology with the customer.

Vesta Taberna – San Lorenzo del Escorial

What was your main motivation for opening Vesta Taberna?

It was all very casual. I was 30 years old when I opened it. I had just landed from Copenhagen, passing through France, Mexico, Canada and England. When I arrived in Spain, the job market was bad, but after working all over the world and already having an important level of knowledge in the kitchen, I decided to open my own restaurant.

I did a market study in the mountains of Madrid, where I am currently based in San Lorenzo del Escorial, and I realized that it was feasible to make a different cuisine in my town. In Vesta Taberna we do Spanish cuisine, but after being in several places, I give a touch of everything. There are dishes from French cuisine, Mexican, and some with signature cuisine.

What is the difference between working for someone else and leading your own restaurant?

A lot of things. Personally, it’s a fantastic freedom (to be an owner) and I wish it to everyone. One of these differences is the concept we follow, under the idea of slow food and slow life. We are only open 4 days a week, and that allows our team to have 3 days off. This is something I am very proud of and, as you ask me, it is a very big difference. Now I have time to organize myself the way I want, with a wonderful team and where everyone supports each other.