A zero-emissions hotel shines among the coves of Menorca

Kiara Hurtado

Gran Meliá’s Villa le Blanc hotel is a sustainable construction located by the sea.

The turquoise waters of its beaches, the charm of its architecture and its great cultural offer, make Menorca an idyllic destination. Preserving every part of its landscape is a responsibility that falls on everyone who wishes to visit this wonderful environment because its residents already have it quite clear.

Menorca is the least discovered Balearic island compared to its sisters, Ibiza and Mallorca, but in recent years, its beauty has not been able to hide from international tourism; consequently, major hotel brands have already landed on its lands. Thus, a few steps from the beach of Santo Tomás, Villa Le Blanc of Gran Meliá, last summer has presented one of its most efficient hotels, as it has managed to incorporate into the Menorcan nature with style and respect for the environment, I feel a zero-emissions hotel.

Ecological commitment

If we see the hotel from the top, we will find it by the sea and in the middle of a group of trees, which in turn surround the adjoining coves.

The establishment has 114 rooms and 45 suites, all of which are located on the seafront and have private swimming pools. The hotel’s sustainability is based on the energy efficiency and renewable energies that have been part of the construction of this establishment.

Its “net zero emissions” designation responds to the incorporation of measures such as biomass boilers, geothermal energy and heat recovery, photovoltaic energy, clean and gray water recovery, and digital technologies to measure and control the water footprint and reduce energy and water consumption. Its “eco-friendly” architecture is also reflected in its minimalist design, which refers to the island’s Menorcan style, with white backgrounds, traditional arches and refurbished roof tiles. In its corridors, recycling is the norm, as it is in its rooms. The brand, concentrates in the hotel a luxury stay, unique, but above all responsible.

Understanding that, after all, a hotel is also a business, the Gran Meliá Villa Le Blanc facilities offer a variety of activities and spaces for its guests. Being here, the local gastronomy occupies a privileged place, since it has three restaurants in charge of presenting the flavor of Menorca: the innovative “S’Amarador Villa Le Blanc”, the creation of chef Joan Canals “CRU” and the expert in Mediterranean and grilled cuisine “NIVI”. It is worth noting that all of these are sourced from local distributors. This is how the hotel also seeks to implement the circular economy, helping local merchants and working with them.

Now that tourism is booming, the hotel sector bears a vital responsibility when it comes to incorporating itself into the natural environment. While all tourists and investors are welcome in Menorca, doing so with respect for the environment is a rule that is not up for debate.


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