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A hotel with art is the new attraction in Florence

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The Casual Rinascimento Firenze & Spa hotel is the new hot spot in Florence hotels for its elegant, authentic and disruptive design

To travel to Italy is to immerse yourself in the historical tradition of a country full of great paintings, intellectual thinkers and many memorable events. How do you fit all these moments in a hotel? Casual Hotels has the answer.

On the occasion of the recent opening of the Casual Rinascimento Firenze & Spa hotel in Florence, northern Italy, in the following paragraphs, we will show you why this establishment is worth visiting when we are in the wonderful city of art.

It has 37 rooms, all built on 3 15th century palaces, such as Palazzo d’Anghiari, Palazzo delle Poste and Palazzo Baldaccio. To opt for these rooms is to go back 6 centuries and experience the atmosphere at its best. The facades, the semicircular arches, wrought iron windows.

If Lorenzo de Medeci, nicknamed “Lorenzo the Magnificent” and patron of the arts who made Florence the cradle of the Renaissance, were alive, he would recognize this hotel as a modern projection of this movement.

Beautiful terrace in Casual Rinascimento Firenze

Keys to a unique interior design project

How does a Florentine hotel go back to the past and capture the public’s attention in such a bold and forceful way? Elegance, identity and a disruptive breeze.

The key came from the studio Rizoma Architetture, led by architect Giovanni Franceschelli. It lifted international awards such as, for example, the MIPIN 2019 Cannes Award in Cannes, France, for “Best Mixed-Use Development”. Therefore, they set to work on defining Italian Renaissance. They chose 4 aspects: games and entertainment; art and architecture; science and the link between the sacred and the profane.

Bedroom with artistic paintings

Each and every one of the 37 rooms at Casual Rinascimento Firenze & Spa is different. They stand out for their spaciousness, ranging in size from 22 to 60 square meters. A differential element considering its central location in Via dell’Anguillara, 14, which connects Piazza San Firenze with Piazza Santa Croce.

The designs of the rooms have been constructed and captured in wallpaper, a surface printed on the walls to give an identity to the room. The company that collaborated on this point was SSD LAB.

Italian design, spaciousness and comfort

Relaxing colors in Casual Hotels in Florence

Likewise, some details that cannot be left out are its objects such as pillows, blankets, small furniture, coffee tables and armchairs from Maison du Monde. These have been key to nurture the renaissance style that is lived in Casual Hoteles.

In short, to make the scenery and the look of a movie in Florence more spectacular, the hotel also uses lamps, ornaments and neon. Inside, the upholstered furniture shines with elegant fabrics by Alessandro Bini CONTRACT, and the colors chosen are bright and completely disruptive, a classic Casual Hotels style.

The first impression marks a before and after. This is why the carpets are custom-made by Carpet Edition with the map of Florence printed in black and white. On the other hand, on the 4th floor guests can stay in suites with modern kitchens, sloping ceilings and luxurious terraces equipped with lounge sets by Maison Du Monde. For friends or couples, an unforgettable experience is assured.

An indoor Renaissance garden, a bespoke reception and a spa with a lot of history

A Casual hotel is always on the podium when it comes to its rooms. However, in Florence, Lorenzo de Medici lives on in the complex through his legacy.

For example, in the inner courtyard there is a superb Renaissance garden in which a traditional Florentine lemon tree glistens. The Talenti brand contributes with its comfortable sofas and armchairs, which announce the entrance to a reception area designed by AFA ARRENDAMENTI. There we can find vibrant neon and industrial elements. Such is the case of a striking metal mesh, which brings an impressive contemporary style.

The order is such a great value of Casual Hotels
Finally, a relaxing spa next to a 25-meter indoor pool is the perfect option to pause the day. You can also find a sauna to immerse yourself in a pleasant moment. The most curious thing is that this was built on the foundations of the Roman amphitheater in Florence. This is how the experience at Casual Hotels will be memorable and wrapped in pure history.

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