5 love destinations to travel for Valentine’s Day

Carlos Román

Traveling to celebrate love is one of the favorite plans for lovers, these are the most visited cities for this special day.

Valentine’s Day is a magical day and a perfect reason to travel with your loved one. But, when choosing, lovers always look for the ideal destination. In this article we will discover five cities, exotic and traditional, that are the reference for a romantic getaway on February 14.

1. Paris

The eternal city of love is located on the banks of the Seine River. Getting to know The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum and the Notre Dame Cathedral are reasons to visit this charming metropolis and immortalize the relationship. Another option is to stroll through the town of Saint-Valentin, located just two hours away. According to WeThrift, an American company in charge of making rankings, the French capital offers 551 romantic hotels and 952 spa and wellness centers.

2. Venice

The floating city receives 25 million tourists every year, according to Europa Press, of which about 14 million go to spend the day, but do not stay. It is considered one of the most romantic cities in the world, a classic that cannot be denied. Gondola rides through the canals are synonymous with culture. Without a doubt, a painting postcard.


A village on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea on the Italian Amalfi Coast and a World Heritage Site. The pastel color in all the houses is another attraction in this beautiful place that recalls the time of the Dolce Vita.

Positano is located on a cliff in the Mediterranean Sea.

4. New York

The city that never sleeps, with a mysterious atmosphere, is also a great option for romance. Hundreds of couples choose this city because its bewitching lights and imposing buildings offer not only the ideal postcard for love, but also endless activities, restaurants and moments for couples. Times Square prepares for February 14 of each year with a very special spark.

Valentine’s Day in Times Square.

5. Santorini

The Greek island, also known as “the round one”, had a huge volcano whose caldera collapsed. Mystical and powerful, with dreamy sunsets and a captivating white color. The charming island offers lovers an ideal place to spend a few days of total exclusivity, beach, relaxation, good music and good food. Its skies are the best postcard to make the day of love an unforgettable day.

Sunset in Santorini.


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